An Expats View Of Life In Nerja

Dragged I was. Dragged screaming back to the metropolis from which I fled almost five years ago. Of course, it is not the first time I have been back to London during that five years but with some effort, I have managed to erase the previous visits from my memory. Surprisingly those things that drove me away still prevail. Why the Mayor’s office has not sought to eliminate them from every day London life bewilders me. I admit that too much has gone on to entice me away from the tranquillity and sunshine of Nerja, but surely they should learn from their mistakes and take action before more valuable, well respected members of their constituency follow my lead and leave.

It seams to me that there are two Entities. London and ‘Londoners’. The latter being entirely dependant on the former. The former, not giving a monkey’s ‘whatsits’ as to whether the latter even exists. I have a theory, (a bit abstract I admit) that if one day, every single Londoner decided to up and leave never to return, they’d scarcely be missed. Read the rest of this entry »