UPDATE SPRING 2015: This fountain has been moved to Plaza Cangrejos at Torrecilla beach Nerja.

The Fuente de Europa fountain is a symbol of Spain’s membership of the EU. The fountain is built from 16 separate stones, 15 from other EU countries, donated specifically for this purpose, and the last one from Nerja itself.

The stones form a column symbolising (according to it creators) “the unity of western cultured nations to an open and peaceful future, leaving centuries of misunderstanding to one side, for the good of its citizens.”

The fountain (which is currently not working) is located in the Parque Verano Azul park on the west side of Nerja near to the Supersol supermarket, just up from the Rio Chillar riverside footpath.

Spain’s entry into the EU is represented in the “Kidnapping of Europa” monument at the entrance to Nerja, which was unveiled in 1986.

If you are going for a walk up the river, its worth stopping off to have a look at the fountain, sandwiched between the children’s playground and the football pitch.