A man armed with a shotgun got away with €600 in cash last Thursday from the Repsol petrol station on the old N-340 in Nerja.

The robbery happened at 2pm in the afternoon, when a man wearing a full face crash helmet and carrying a shotgun burst into the petrol station and threatened the employee, who was the only staff member there at the time. The cashier initially refused to open the register, but after the criminal fired a warning shot into the ceiling, the cashier handed over its contents – some €600 in cash.

The robber immediately fled the scene in a vehicle, which was parked out of the view of the security cameras and its registration number is unknown.

The cashier is reported to have been unharmed in the robbery, although she suffered an anxiety attack after the event, she did not have to go to the medical centre for attention.

The Guardia Civil are investigating the crime.

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