El Barrio Roadwokrs NerjaAs Semana Santa approaches, the heavy work on the El Barrio pedestrianisation project draws to a close, as the concrete is laid for most of the length of the street. Once the concreting is complete all that remains is the noisy and dusty work of paving the road with the marble blocks.

The project is part of the council’s plan to have a pedestrianised route all the way from the western end of Burriana beach to the car park/riverside path at Chaparil. Work has already been completed from the eastern end of town to the centre, and from the other side of El Barrio out towards the river. As such this is the final piece in the link between the two sides of town. As well as repaving the road, all the underground sewage and water pipes have been replaced which is part of the on-going work improving and modernising the sewerage system, on which the council claims to have already spent over €1M euros.

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