A man has been arrested and charged in connection with the armed robbery that took place at 12.10pm (midday) yesterday at a branch of Unicaja on Calle Antonio Ferrandis ‘Chanquete’.

The man entered the bank wearing a full face crash helmet to disguise his identity armed with a shotgun. After firing two shots into the air, the man fled with the contents of the cash drawers, being unable to open the safe which was fitted with a time delay lock.

The robber escaped from the scene in a black Audi car, the registration number of which was noted by a witness. Within a few hours the Guardia Civil located the car, which had been left that morning by its owner at the local car wash in Calle Jaen, a short distance from the bank branch.

At 2pm on the same day, the Guardia Civil arrested the owner of the car wash (identified by his initials as F.J.C.P. aged 19) after also finding the shotgun used in the robbery and the stolen money.

The Guardia Civil claim that the arrested man has admitted being the perpetrator of the crime and has also accused him of other similar offences in neighbouring towns, including a robbery at a service station in Torrox Costa during which an employee was shot and injured by an air pistol. In total the man has been accused of stealing almost €1,200 in five separate robberies, including last month’s armed robbery at the Repsol petrol station in Nerja.

The man has been remanded into custody without bail by Torrox criminal court.

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