The El Ingenio shopping centre (the Eroski near Nerja) in Velez-Malaga was the scene of a violent crime on Monday, when armed robbers stole more than 20,000 euros from the cinema.

The robbery happened at around 10pm when two individuals threatened an employee of the cinema with a pistol, who was forced to open the safe containing the takings. After stealing the money, the robbers locked the employee in an office. The victim later had to be treated at the local hospital.

Unluckily for the criminals, a security guard had already alerted the police, who arrived on the scene and arrested one of the alleged robbers, who had the stolen money in a rucksack.

The following day the police arrested another individual, the owner of one of the restaurants in the shopping centre, who is alleged to be the other participant in the crime.

The two suspects, of 32 and 37 years of age, have both been remanded to prison after a court appearance.

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