spa animal charity nerjaSPA (Sociedad Protectora de Animales) is a registered animal charity (registration number 4811) in Nerja that works with both cats and dogs. At the moment it is concentrating its efforts on a strong programme of cat neutering and has neutered around 200 cats over the last 2 years. Neutering is a very important part of managing the cat colonies in Nerja. Just 4 un-neutered females in a colony can lead to up to 20 kittens appearing at around the same time which is unsustainable.

SPA promotes an education programme whereby two qualified psychologists visit the local schools every year to talk to the children about caring for animals. SPA also shares daily caring duties for the various cat colonies with the other animal charities in Nerja.

SPA relies on donations from the public to finance itself. SPA has a stall at the Sunday market, which raises funds and they welcome any donations of items suitable for sale, particularly small electrical items, tableware, crockery, china, glassware, clean clothes, books and small items of furniture. SPA have offices at 12 Calle Cristo on the first floor, open Thursdays 10am to 1pm. Tel 664 732 522 Wednesdays & Thursdays 10am to 1pm.

If you have larger items to donate these can be picked up by an SPA volunteer. Call Hannelore on 679 700 949, she speaks German, English and Spanish.

spa animal charity nerja
SPA would also like to welcome anybody who would like to volunteer to help at the Sunday market. Please phone Erika on 678997106 and 952526722 to discuss how you could help.

SPA is unique amongst the Nerja animal charities in that all its money goes to direct care of the animals. They pay no rent for their office space and no money goes on kennelling costs. Your donations would be much appreciated and will go to good use.

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