A 15 year old German girl out walking along the Rio Torrox at the weekend had to be rescued by the fire brigade after getting stuck head first in rocks at the side of the river. The drama happened on Saturday at around midday, when the girl, out walking with a friend, lost her iPhone in the large boulders which form the banks of the river. In an attempt to recover her prized phone, she reached in to the gap between the boulders, but became firmly wedged in place.

Her friend called the emergency services and the local police and Gaurdia Civil attended “It was like she was doing a handstand, head down and one arm on the outside and the other inside,” reported a local police officer at the scene. The police decided to call the Fire Brigade as the child was becoming distressed.

Three units from the Provincial Fire Consortium were sent to the rescue, inlcuding one from Nerja. After around 20 minutes work, the firemen were able to release the girl, using winches and ropes to hold the rocks back. The 15 year old was unharmed, with only some small scratches, but was treated for shock by the ambulance crew.

The emergency services were unable to recover the girl’s iPhone.

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