Ayo’s restaurant on the beach at the end of Burriana, is the “Chiringuito of the Week” in the Spanish national daily newspaper El Mundo.

Famous for being featured in the Spanish TV series “Verano Azul” which was flimed in Nerja, Ayo’s still gets visits from fans of the TV series, despite having been broadcast over 30 years ago.

Ayo’s was established in 1969 by Francisco Ortega – ‘Ayo’ is the nickname he gave himself for his habit of finishing everything he said with that word.

You can see the full article (in Spanish) and watch the video here.

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Ian - I agree with you, Ayo's are normally very quick to serve you; they have to be to deal with the number of customers they get - and I agree with you about the blonde girl :)
by GingerHound

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