Good news for Oscar the cat who was threatened with a court appearance after breaking and entering a neighbours house in Benahavis (Malaga) last month. The aggrieved neighbour has finally dropped the court case, leaving Oscar free to get on with his life.

Oscar is a half blind, 10 year old cat, who’s back legs are tied with metal pins after being hit by a car 6 years ago, as a result of which he is not allowed out of the house. He was denounced with breaking and entering a neighbour’s house and smashing a €1000 chandelier. Oscar’s owners would have had to go to Court to defend his honour and to prevent a fine and ‘prison sentence’…despite the complainant describing the ‘criminal’ as a “grey persian”.

Due in no small part to the interest this case has generated the neighbours have decided to drop charges against Oscar. It is not known how many of his original nine lives Oscar now has left.

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