A new situation comedy called 40ñeraslaserie is set to be filmed on the streets of Nerja and other locations in Málaga province if it can raise the necessary funds to start production. The people behind the new series, in the style of Sex In The City and Friends, are trying to finance its production using crowd funding and are asking for donations from €10 up to €4000. In return for the money, donors get anything from a t-shirt (€30) to dinner with the production team (€4000) in return.

The initial funding will be used to make the pilot episode of the series which will be distributed on the internet. Each of the 12 planned episodes will be 22 minutes in length.

The series is based on the novel Cuarentañeras by Regina Roman which has had over 5,000 downloads on Amazon. The book is about three women in their forties, Lola, Felicia and Rita, advised by Madrina, a mature woman full of wisdom and their adventures in the streets of Nerja and Malaga.

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