El Cañuelo NerjaNerja Council have announced that the Environment Ministry has given their permission to have sun loungers and parasols available for rent on El Cañuelo beach. El Cañuelo is one of the remote beaches between Nerja and Almunecar in the Maro-Cerro Gordo natural park.

Currently, other than a beach restaurant, there are no facilities on the beach. In the summer months there is a bus service down to the beach from the main road above, otherwise it is a long hot walk down the track. Hence the beach is one of the last unspoilt beaches on the Costa del Sol.

Nieves Atencia the Nerja Councillor for Beaches has said that just because El Cañuelo beach is in the natural park “it should still offer adequate services for beach goers” and went on to emphasise “the important role that beaches play in the economic development of our area”.

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