With less than two weeks to go until the start of the Easter holiday period, work has started on the final phase of the pedestrianisation of El Barrio. The council says that the work could take up to four months to complete, although they claim that the contractor has promised to finish the work before the summer season.

The work to pedestrianise and replace the drains and other services on this street was started at the end of 2011, with the first stage completed before summer 2012. The last stage of the work is expected to take less than four months, and should be finished before the start of the summer season, with the total cost of the project for the entire street at around €500,000.

This work on El Barrio completes the series of pedestrianisation projects linking Burriana to the town centre, with Calle Carabeo, Plaza Cavana and now El Barrio having been completely re-modelled over the preceding five years. Before the works started calle Carabeo and El Barrio were narrow streets, used by cars, delivery vehicles and scooters, with tiny pavements which were in parts impossible for people with puschairs or wheelchairs to navigate safely. Despite the disruption of the works, the new streets are a huge improvement for pedestrians, although motorists now have to find alternative ways around the town.

El Barrio is the street that runs west from Plaza Cavana (next to the Balcon de Europa) towards Torrecilla beach.

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