Nerja CavesThe old worn out grandstand seating, that have been a feature of the Nerja caves since being installed in the 1970s in the sala del Ballet have finally been removed. The work has taken place in stages, starting in July and was completed last week, with a total of 20 tonnes of metal having been taken out of the caves.

The 500 seats were installed in the 1970s and were used by audiences during the Nerja Caves Festival and other events. The grandstands were built with little regard for their archeological impact and their removal returns the caves to their original splendour.

The removal work was carried out from July onwards to take advantage of the natural air flow, which at this time of year, ventilates the caves, reducing the effect of the work on the interior. Special protective panels were used to protect the vulnerable parts of the caves, including the cave paintings and rock formations. The metal stands had corroded badly in the moist underground air and the decision was taken to remove them completely.

Before the grandstands were installed, a temporary wooden platform was used every summer for the festivals.

The number of days allocated for this year’s Nerja Caves Festival was also reduced on advice from the scientific committee for conservation reasons.

The removal project, was developed by the engineer Jorge Gutierrez Murcia, and was approved in advance by the Department of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, who has overseen the dismantling work. The Nerja Caves Foundation have described the project as “successful” and “without incident to the Cave or their visitors.”

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