Nerja council are taking advantage of the relative quiet of the cooler winter months to carry out a series of improvement works around the town. This week work has started on Calles Los Huertos and Diputacion and continues at Torrecilla beach and Calle Iglesia beside the church on the Balcon de Europa (pictured).

New sewage and drainage pipes are being installed on Calle Diputacion (which runs from Plaza Cavana to Castilla Perez) as part of the work to build a new water treatment plant for the town. The work is expected to be complete within three months and similar works have already been carried out on the surrounding streets over the past few years, including on the Balcon de Europa, Calle Carabeo and Calle Iglesia.

Calle Iglesia itself is currently being repaved with a pebble mosaic (pictured) following the installation of new utilities in the street. The work is being carried out by a specialist company from Granada who have many years experience in laying this type of stone paving throughout Spain, including at the Alhambra in Granada and the Romántico museum in Madrid.

Low energy lighting is being installed at Torrecilla beach in a €40,000 project expected to halve electricity usage and Calle Los Huertos is currently to traffic as part of a four month €97,000 project to widen the pavements gets underway.

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Thanks Kat, I wonder why then if Nerja is such a great two ( which I believe it is), and that they are so interested in promoting tourism, the authorities don't do something about this. Not wanting to attract silly comments Carabeo/ Hurteos is having money spent on it , and its clear investment on the town is on the up. It is a shame about the dogs they seem to run around the place. Just generally they can be quite intimidating to the many visitors who undoubtably rent in that area
by Angela Seager

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