Shopping for clothes can be a stressful business and a few days ago it became too stressful when a pair of French tourists attacked two Nerja shop assistants in a ladies clothes shop in Nerja. The incident happened in the centre of the town’s tourist area when a man wanted to accompany his wife into the shop’s changing rooms. When the shop assistant, Ana Villares, 27, said that was not possible, the pair became angry, with the woman swearing in French before hitting the shop assistant with a hand bag taken from the counter.

When the shop assistant threatened to call the police the husband then joined in, grabbing Ana Villares by the shoulders and throwing her against the stairs. The second worker, Anisley Agrenot, 31, tried to intervene, only to be struck in the head by the man, who then fled the scene with his wife.

As a result of the attack Ana Villares suffered a sprained wrist and bruising to her shoulder and abdomen. Anisley Agrenot was bruised in the head but did not need medical attention.

The Guardia Civil are now investigating the assault.

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