Nueva NerjaThe well known Spanish journalist Eduardo San Martín, has offered to donate a lift to Nueva Nerja school after hearing on the radio of the campaign launched by parents and local charities to highlight the problems facing its pupils who have mobiity difficulties. School facilities such as the library, the music room and other classrooms are on the upper levels of the building, which according to councillor for Education Gema Garcia means that disabled children “don’t have the same opportunities as the rest of the pupils”.

Eduardo San Martín who has worked on numerous national newspapers and Spanish television, has now offered an unused Thyssen lift that he purchased with a neighbour, whose wife suffered from a disability. Due to problems with the necessary paperwork, the lift has never been installed. The exterior lift is valued at around €15,000 and should be ideal for the school.

Yesterday morning, parents and representatives from local charities Taller de la Amistad and Afadine held a demonstration outside the school (which is opposite Nerja’s bus station) to demand the installation of a lift. This demonstration was reported on national radio station Onda Cero on the “Julia en la Onda” show and Eduardo San Martín got in touch via Twitter with the show’s host Julia Otero to offer the lift to the school.

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