The 3rd ‘Festival de Improvisación Libre de Málaga’ takes place from Thursday September 8th to Saturday September 10th and this year some of the performances will be held at the Nerja Cultural Centre in Calle Granada.

The Malaga Improvisation Festival was created in 2009 with two main objectives: to bring free improvisational music to new audiences and to bring together Spanish and international artists and groups working in this field of art.

Music is the main creative outlet at the festival, but it also brings together different kinds of artistic disciplines, including dance, poetry and visual art.

The Malaga Improvisation Festival 2011 will feature performances by many national and international artists, such as Javier Paxariño, Terry Day, Marcio Mattos, Alexei Issacovitch and Rosa Aledo.

Entrance to the events in Nerja is €7 and they start at 9pm each day.


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