The 54th Nerja Caves International Festival of Music and Dance came to a close last night with a performance by the renowned flamenco guitarist Manolo Sanlúcar accompanied by the Malaga Provincial Symphony Orchestra. Manolo Sanlúcar also took the opportunity of his appearance at the festival to announce his retirement.

This year’s festival was reduced to four performances and other changes were made on the recommendation of the Cave’s Scientific Council, which aims to reduce the impact that this celebration has on this important historic monument. The Festival opened on the 20th of July with a concert by the Nerja Municipal Band and pianist Daniel Ligorio on the Balcon de Europa.

This was followed by performances in the caves themselves by the Strasburg classical string quartet, accompanied by renowned clarinetist Ferdinand Steiner, the Victor Ullate Ballet company celebrating its 25 years of existence, singer Pastora Soler, who is Nerja’s current Honorary Tourist, and finally Manolo Sanlúcar last night.

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