The hunt for a crocodile sighted back in February in an area with artificial lagoons in Mijas has come to an end after the body of a 7 foot (2.1 metre) long Nile crocodile was found yesterday morning. The dead creature was found by a passerby who at first threw a stone at the body, then approached and poked it with a stick to check if it was alive. Experts believe that the crocodile was around 15 years old and could have died from exhaustion.

For the past six weeks the SEPRONA unit of the Guardia Civil have been hunting for the crocodile after it was spotted by a concerned resident. The witness called the police after seeing the animal crossing a track, before disappearing into a pond. The authorities took the complaint seriously saying at the time that the witness’ statement was credible. The resident described the animal’s head as being “flat, elongated, about two feet in length and with teeth on the sides”.

Crocodiles and alligators are sometimes brought to Spain illegally as pets and it is believed that one of these escaped or was released by the owner.

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