The circus that has set up in the car park at El Playazo has not been able to open to the public due to the lack of the correct paperwork. According to councillor for Occupation of Public Spaces, José Miguel García, the Andalucian government have a number of legal requirements for temporary public shows, such as the circus.

The organisers need to provide a certificate signed off by a suitably qualified person, that the electrical installation is safe, “so that visitors, young and old, will be able to enjoy the circus in safety” according to Garcia. Due to the lack of the necessary paperwork, the opening of the circus has had to be cancelled until such time as the organisers have the right documentation.

According to Councillor Garcia the position adopted by the council “is the most sensible which any public body would take, because we are talking about the safety of 300 people (which is the capacity of the circus) where the vast majority are children.”.

The circus was due to open to the public on Friday the 6th of September until Sunday the 15th.

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