Nerja council are claiming as successful the changes they have made to the access to the Rio Chillar in the area known as Los Cahorros. In a statement released today the Councillor for the Environment, Nieves Atencia claimed that the free parking provided by the council in Calle Mirto has been very popular with visitors to the Rio Chillar and that there have been no complaints about the new arrangements.

The council has made various changes to the approach to the Rio Chillar to try and improve the management of the large numbers of visitors that arrive by car to walk up the river bed.

The council also say that the regional government will shortly be installing a barrier to prevent cars from driving up to the quarry area, that was previously used as a car park.

The Rio Chillar is one of the most popular summer excursions in Nerja, starting at Los Cahorros. However, this walk has become a victim of its own success, with too many people going there and too many cars trying to park at the entrance, especially on summer weekends. Visitors have also been failing to respect the natural environment, dumping their rubbish (including their water sodden shoes) as they go.

Have you visited the Rio Chillar since the changes were made? Please let us have your thoughts on the new parking by using the comment form here.

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