Nerja’s councillor for Cleaning & The Urban Environment, José Miguel García has announced that the council along with the local police have been issuing more fines to dog owners who allow their pets to foul public areas.

In a move that will be welcomed by many people (not least the street cleaners themselves) Councillor Garcia has said that the sanctions are being imposed after a campaign in which the dog owners have been informed of their obligation to pick up after their pets.

The fines being given out so far are between 30 and 120 euros for “light” offences. More grave offences carry a penalty of between 121 and 600 euros and the most serious offences can be fined more than 600 euros.

There are “Multa” (fine) signs in most public areas showing that owners should pick up after their dogs, although owners can be fined wherever they allow their pets to foul the public footpath if they don’t pick it up and dispose of it afterwards.

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