The Nerja Councillor for Residents, Inocencia Quintero, has asked foreign residents living in the town to renew their “empadronamiento” if they haven’t done so in the last two years. The Padron is the list of people registered on the town population census. This is an important figure for the council as it determines the level of funding given to the ayuntamiento by the central government for local services.

Residents who are registered can also get reduced prices for some council facilities such as the local bus, municipal pool and parking. Residents with children also need to be registered in order to enrol them in school and registration also allows residents to vote in the local and European elections.

Resident pensioners can benefit from deductions on buses, glasses, hearing aids and can apply for social care benefits.

Residents who have registered more than two years ago and have not been in to change any details, such as address etc, need to go to the Foreigners Department at the ayuntamiento building by the Balcon de Europa between 10am and 2pm Mondays and Thursdays, or to the main reception on the ground floor any day between the same times. You will need to bring your NIE certificate and passport (or copies) with you.

In other news from the town hall, the garage entrance tax for 2011 is due for payment by February the 5th and bills will be going out in the post. The town hall recommends that garage owners set up a bank order at the Tax Office, Patronato de Recaudacion, at C/ Axarquía 3 (opposite the entrance to Calle Castilla Perez), for future taxes so the bank will automatically make the payment.

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