Nuchi Moreno, Nerja’s Health Councillor, has announced that the regional government will fund the installation of a new lift at the Health Centre on Avenida de Pescia. The councillor said that the news was confirmed by the new director of the Regional Hospital, Jose Pinazo, in a meeting held with the mayor, in which the director stated “that the drafting of the project is in its final straight.”. No date has been set for the work to be carried out.

The upgrade work to the existing centre is taking place against the background of the stalled project for the new health centre. The site, by the rio Chillar, that Nerja council favours for the new health centre is currently being used as a car park, because the land is not classified by the Junta as suitable for a health centre. Until this dispute is resolved the project will remain on hold and the existing building will continue to be used and upgraded, instead.

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