Nerja and the whole of Spain are currently in lockdown for two weeks (from the 15th of March 2020), with people only allowed to leave their houses/holiday accommodation for work, to travel to the airport/ferry port to return home, to go to the doctors, chemists, bank, tobacconist or the supermarkets to get food. All other shops, bars, restaurants etc are closed.

Schools are of course also closed, with teachers sending their pupils lessons by email.

Pet owners are permitted to take their dog for a short walk (leading to some people to jokingly offer to rent their dog out to prospective dog walkers) but the message is clear for most people – stay at home for the next two weeks. The local police are enforcing the lockdown – you can be stopped by the police and fined if you ignore their advice.

Airlines and ferries are still operating, so foreign visitors can return to their home countries. Residents returning home to Spain, are also being allowed into the country.

Spain’s land borders have also been closed, again only people returning home to Spain are being allowed through, along with goods vehicles, thus ensuring the supply of food, drink, medicines and, most importantly of all, toilet paper.

Food, Drink and Electricity

Mercadona, Lidl and the other supermarkets remain open and are well stocked with goods. Takeaway food can be ordered for home delivery. All services such as electricity, water, internet, phone, TV and petrol/gas bottles from the petrol stations, remain unaffected by the crisis. Small food shops are also still open, some offering home delivery. Internet shopping is also unaffected, so you can buy from Amazon as normal.

So far people are taking the lockdown with good humour, posting videos on social media of the creative ways they are entertaining themselves and their kids at home. At 8pm each night, people are coming out onto their balconies and terraces to applaud the health workers and everyone else keeping the country running at this time. The noise of clapping, whistling and cheering can be heard all around the town.

The lockdown is expected to last for two weeks while the crisis is brought under control.

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