Swimming clubs from all around Andalucia took part in the IV Open Tomás García Zamudio competition last weekend at the Centro Acuático in Málaga.

Four swimmers from Nerja participated and won a total of three medals – one gold and two silvers as follows:

Boys under 10s 50 meters breaststroke, first and gold medal, Francisco Javier Reinoso Huertas, with 46 “32.
Girls under 11s 100m breaststroke, second and silver. Lourdes Maria Herrero Centurion, with 1 ’31 “16.
Girls under 11s 100m freestyle 2002, second silver medal and Lourdes Maria Herrero Centurion, with 1’10 “05.
Boys under 10s 50m backstroke 2004, Alejandro Sánchez Escobar fourth place with 45 “72.

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