Verano AzulNerja will be featuring on prime time TV tonight (Thursday 30th of January 2014) when Spain’s national broadcaster TVE1 shows an episode of Verano Azul at 10.30pm.

Nineteen episodes of the TV series were made in Nerja, and they drew audiences of up to 20 million viewers in Spain during the 1980s. Tonigh’ts episode is being shown as part of the “Cuéntame como pasó” (Tell me how it happened) series which draws audiences of up to 4 million viewers.

Verano Azul was produced by the Spanish state broadcaster TVE (which was the only television network available in Spain until 1983), and it was originally broadcast on its then main channel TVE1 from October 11, 1981 to February 14, 1982.

Thanks to the show’s enduring appeal, visitors to Nerja can go on a guided tour of Nerja which includes the sites made famous by it, accompanied by Miguel Joven, one of the original stars of the programme.

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