The Councillor for the Environment, Nieves Atencia, and the mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, will file a joint motion at the next plenary to move to the Central Government ‘the need to adopt an agreement that prevents the exploration and exploitation oil resources in the waters of our coast from Malaga ‘.

The motion urges the Spanish Government ‘to the immediate suspension of the licenses granted by the previous government’ and the regional administration ‘to create a commission to take appropriate resolutions against prospecting for hydrocarbons in the Malaga coast’.

The text is that ‘the conduct of surveys seriously damage our natural environment, causing devastating effects on the fauna and flora, and disastrously impacting both the ecological and economic value of our coast’, while warning the impact it would have on the fishing industry in the area ‘which stands at a 50% reduction in activity if surveys arecarried out, with the economic loss that entails. ”

Finally, the Councillor for the Environment has highlighted the negative impact for the tourism sector; ‘the Costa del Sol is one of the largest tourist infrastructures of the country, and the municipalities make ​​a great effort to preserve and improve the water quality of our beaches, to provide a competitive and quality tourist destination’.

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