This Sunday (21st of October) volunteers will carry out the 8th Limpieza de Fondos Marinos de Nerja with 30 divers and shore based volunteers clearing rubbish from the sea bed around Nerja and Maro.

The main activities will take place in four different locations: at the Barranco de Maro, in front of the Balcón de Europa, Torrecilla beach and El Playazo beach.

Over 400 kilos of rubbish was collected the first year that this clean up exercise was carried out and the organisers expect even more this year due to the damage caused by the heavy rains at the end of September.

Although Nerja escaped largely unscathed, the torrential rain throughout the region caused extensive damage, especially in the regions of Málaga, Almería, and Murcia. In some places roads were washed away, buildings were damaged and in Murcia two motorway bridges on the A7 collapsed.

In the Malaga region, the regional government have said that the total damage amounts to more than € 4 million with more than 78,000 kilometres of road affected by the storms.

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