Nerja’s councillor for finances, Antonio Villasclaras, has announced that all the local taxes, rates and charges made by the council will be frozen next year. The councillor also announced that some taxes, such as the industrial vehicle entrance tax will actually be reduced saying this is a “wise move in these times of crisis”.

The councillor stated that although the financial situation of Nerja council “is nothing to brag about, it is more healthy than that of other municipalities due to the council keeping its spending under control” adding that “just like in any family home you can’t spend more than you earn”. Councillor Villasclaras also made reference to “bad consequences that have occurred in other administrations owing to their budget deficits”.

In 2013 Nerja Council has a budget of just under €23 million, with almost €10 million of that raised through direct taxation, with another €6 million from rates and other income.

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