TorroxTorrox council have introduced a new system of parking controls in the main streets of the old town. It is still free to park in the new blue zones, but parking is limited to one hour. Motorists need to purchase a reusable cardboard time disc for €1 and display it in the window of their car, to show when their free hour runs out. When the hour is up, drivers have to move their cars at least 100 metres to a new spot, thus ensuring a turnover of parking spaces in the old town centre.

The new restrictions are in place Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm. There are fines of €100 for not complying with the new rules, which are enforced by the local police, who claim to have issued around 50 fines in the first three weeks of its operation.

The Mayor of Torrox, Francisco Muñoz has called the new system a success and has not ruled out extending the number of blue zones in the old town and also into Torrox Costa.

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