Ferrara Beach in Torrox Costa has long suffered from erosion during stormy weather, when strong waves and winds wash the sand away from the beach. This erosion leaves the beach in a poor state and Torrox council have to regularly carry out repairs, moving in fresh sand to cover the exposed rocks.

As a long awaited solution , the Coasts Department are proposing to install two breakwaters to protect the beach, one at right angles to the beach and the other in parallel.

According to the mayor of Torrox , Francisco Muñoz , the work will be done “entirely at sea, so no changes are expected on the promenade.” He also emphasised the importance of this work for the town and its economy, “given the impact the damage does each year to the tourist sector and the local economy in general,” and he has requested that the work is declared “a priority” and, if necessary, be executed in phases so as not to further delay its start.

The work would consist of installing a breakwater 150 metres long, parallel to the beach, opposite the central section of the promenade, and another at Torrox lighthouse that would run straight out to sea for a distance of 120m and be 8m wide.

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