The Junta de Andalucía will publish the proposals for the new marina project (which will be located on the Torrox side of the Nerja/Torrox boundary) within six months. This claim is being made by the managing director of the Andalucian Public Ports Agency (APPA), Sergio Moreno, the Provincial Delegate of Public Works and Housing, Enrique Benitez, and the mayor of Torrox, Francisco Muñoz. The new marina will have 400 berths, a slipway and will also have shopping and leisure areas.

The regional government are currently drafting the plans for the marina 320 meters west of the mouth of the Frontiles creek, between Wilches and Calaceite beaches in Torrox. It is claimed that studies carried out on behalf of the ministry and the Andalucian Public Ports Agency, show that this location will do the least harm to the environment and the neighbouring beaches.

Before boat owners crack open another bottle of bolly to celebrate, it is worth remembering that the decision to place the marina in Torrox was taken by the previous Spanish government and that elections are due in Andalucia next month – which may well result in a change of regional government also. As such it seems highly likely that the location for the marina is far from certain and the location may well move east of the Nerja/Torrox border once more.

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