IberiaThe Spanish consumers association ADECUA have filed papers in a Malaga court against Iberia airline and its low cost associate Iberia Express over credit card charges, which they claim are illegal under Spanish law. The consumers association claims the €5 and €8.50 that the airline charges its clients for making booking with a credit card are prohibited by law and exceed the amounts that the airline themselves have to pay for taking payment by credit card.

In their court action, the consumers group are asking the judge to rule that these charges are illegal and that the airline should stop making them on future bookings.

This is not the first time that ADECUA have taken on an airline in court. Back in March it took legal proceedings against Ryanair claiming the company’s 2013 charity calendar was “illegal and unfair” for featuring pictures of female members of Ryanair cabin crew in bikinis. According to the lawyer for the association the photos have “a blatant sexual connotation” and “is a breeding ground for attitudes that foster discrimination against women and workers”.

The association also complained that the calendars only contain female members of staff. The court case still hasn’t been resolved and Ryanair have released their 2014 charity calendar, again featuring bikini-clad air hostesses.

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