After the recent cucumber scare, the EU last night lifted the export ban on Spanish produce after tests failed to find any trace of the dangerous E. coli bacteria in Spanish cucumbers.

The investigations into the source of the outbreak is now focusing on Germany itself where the outbreak occurred. The news was eagerly awaited in Almeria, the main exporter of cucumber, which has suffered millions in losses every day from a warning that has now been revealed as being unjustified.

Various politicians have seized the opportunity to eat cucumbers in front of the TV cameras, including the leader of the opposition. Bravely though he waited for the all clear to be given before risking taking a bite.

UPDATE 6th May 2011

The origin of the e-coli outbreak is now believed to be from a farm in Germany itself, in Lower Saxony, where investigators have found traces of the bacteria in bean sprouts. There has so far been no explanation as to why the German health ministry initially (and falsely) blamed Spanish cucumbers.

This will no doubt lead to renewed claims for compensation from the Spanish farmers affected by this scare.

Potentially Dangerous Vegetables

Potentially Dangerous Vegetables

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