The taxi drivers union AUMAT have announced that there will be a week-long strike of taxi drivers at Malaga airport over the Easter week. The strike will start at 6am on Monday the 25th of March and end at the same time a week later on Monday the 1st of April. The drivers are campaigning to end the right of taxis from other towns to be able to come and pick up pre-booked fairs from the airport.

Trains and buses should be running as normal and taxis in Malaga City itself and elsewhere will still be operating. In theory travellers will be able to get a bus or train into Malaga city and take a taxi from there, although due to the easter processions public transport it likely to be very busy. Passengers heading for Nerja can also get a bus into Malaga centre and transfer to a Nerja bus at the station.

Travellers who have pre-booked a taxi to pick them up at the airport during the easter week should check with the operator that the taxi will still be able to collect them. Another alternative for travellers is to hire a car at the airport, but again this should be pre-booked.

The taxi union is planning to hold demonstrations at the airport during the strike week, so travellers could also expect some disruption to other services.

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