The Nerja Caves and Museum Information office has received over 4,000 visitors since it opened in March. The office is located in the passageway underneath the Ayuntamiento offices between the Balcon de Europa and Plaza de España in Nerja.

According to figures released by the Caves Foundation 45% of the office visitors are foreign tourists and of those, British visitors make up the largest percentage at 35%, followed by German (12.6%) and Swedish (4.75%).

In total visitors from 44 different countries have visited the office, most of which are from within the EU, along with visitors from all around the world, including Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, Saudí Arabia and Madagascar.

For Spanish visitors most are from Andalucia and the Madrid region.

The manager of the Caves Foundation, Angel Ruiz, has said these visitor numbers are “very positive” and that the new office has “resulted in an increase in visits to the caves and the musuem”.

The Nerja Caves are near to Maro, just outside Nerja. The Nerja Museum itself is located in the far corner of Plaza de España a few minutes walk from the information office.

The Nerja Tourist Information office is on the corner opposite the caves information office.

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