Viva Andalucia Nerja Canal Sur TVFor the past three days a film crew have been recording scenes in and around Nerja for a new TV series on Canal Sur called “Viva Andalucía”. Aerial images will be recorded using a radio controlled ‘octocopter’ (a small helicopter with eight separate rotors) to complete the filming.

The new programme is made up from a series of short video pieces, of around 3 minutes long, made in different places around Andalucia, featuring landmarks from the region.

Much of the filming is done with mini video cameras, to give a personal point of view, as if seen through the eyes of an individual. For example during the “moraga” held at Plaza Cangrejos as part of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations, a mini-video camera was worn by one of the barbecue chefs to give a first hand view of the sardines being cooked.

Images of all the usual photogenic places around Nerja have been filmed, including the Balcon de Europa, the Nerja Caves and the Aguila Aqueduct, as well as the beaches and the old town centre.

Time lapse photography has also been used to record the sunset from the Maro watchtower.

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