Two new bridges will be constructed on Nerja’s El Playazo beach, at the western end of the town. The bridges will span the two rivers at either end of the beach, allowing pedestrians to cross the rivers Chillar and Seco without getting their feet wet.

At present a temporary sand embankment links El Chucho beach with Playazo, crossing the Rio Chillar. Every time it rains heavily the embankment is washed away and the local JCB driver is called out to rebuild it. The new 30 metre long, 3 metre wide bridge will replace this embankment at a cost of €157,000.

The new bridge at the other end of the beach over the Rio Seco will be 16.5 metres long and 3 metres wide, costing €62,000.

The work is part of the million euro project to improve El Playazo beach and will be funded by the Environment Department and Malaga County Council. No start dates have been given for the work, which are expected to take one month to complete. The Mayor of Nerja announced the news, which comes in the run up to hotly contested regional and national elections, the outcome of which may change or delay this particular project, like they have so many others in the past.

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