Rio Chillar NerjaYesterday afternoon members of the Protección Civil rescued a women who had injured her leg after falling whilst walking in the rio Chillar. The women was out with a group of 50 hikers who raised the alarm by calling 112. The Emergency Coordination Centre called out the Protección Civil who found the injured woman in a location known as the Salto Grande.

The casualty was taken to the health centre in Nerja where doctors decided to transfer her to the regional hospital in Velez Malaga. However the woman refused to go to the Velez hospital, preferring to return home to Córdoba with the rest of her coach party.

The members of the Protección Civil then took the woman back to the coach which was waiting for the hikers. They then managed to convince the woman to go to the hospital, with the coach driver promising to pick her up from the hospìtal on the way back to Córdoba if her condition would allow it.

The rio Chillar is a very popular walk in the summer months, but involves hiking along a very rough trail and wading through the river in places. The rio Chillar is inaccessible to vehicles along most of its length, making rescues difficult and time consuming.

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