Clouds at the Balcon de EuropaThe yellow alert for bad weather continues today in Malaga province, with storms and heavy rain forecast. So far heavy rain has been reported in areas around the region, with 7.5 litres per square metre falling in the early hours in Alfarnatejo.

In neighbouring Granada province 37 litres per square metres fell overnight, causing problems on the roads and with one person going missing.

In Nerja the threatened rain storms, that caused Proteccion Civil to warn hikers not rain to walk up the Rio Chillar, have yet to materialise, although rain is forecast this evening and throughout tomorrow. Currently conditions are intermittent cloud and clear skies, with temperatures of 27°C and red flags are flying on the beaches.

In September 2012 heavy rain caused damage throughout the region and left 10 people dead. Nerja escaped the worst of the storms, but damage was still caused around the town and beaches. Pictures here. In November 2012 heavy rain in Nerja caused hundreds of thousands of euros worth of damage overnight. Pictures here.

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