Antti Sarpila perfoms classic jazz accompanied by Diego Suarez on the piano and Ricky Vivar on guitar at the Nerja Cultural Centre at 9pm. Tickets €10.

Antti Sarpila (born 1964) is one of the few internationally known jazz musicians from Finland. Although based in Helsinki, he performs extensively as a solo artist all over the world.

Antti Sarpila has been a student of the world famous American clarinet and saxophone player Bob Wilber during the 1980’s. Wilber himself was a student of legendary Sidney Bechet in the 1940’s. This legacy is the reason for Sarpila’s dedication and respect to the tradition of jazz. He wants to combine the influences captured from the early masters (from Louis Armstrong to Charlie Parker) with his own personal style to create what would be best described as “classic jazz”.The continuing association between Antti and Bob has reaped many rewards. One of the highlights was in 1988, when Antti was asked to join Bob in doing a “Tribute to Benny Goodman” concert in Carnegie Hall, New York. In 2000 Antti renewed his visit to this legendary concert hall with the Swedish vibraphone player Lars Erstrand.

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