Sunday 3 March – 5 pm
Jean Harlow’s Birthday
(USA 1935) 97min. Jean Harlow, William Powell, Franchot Tone. Dir: Victor Fleming. The superb charms and talents of Mr. William Powell and Jean Harlow are pure joy to watch.They make you laugh one minute, and tear your heart out at the next. Sit back and enjoy this delightful, comedic, charming classic. Touching and funny without being too corny.
Original Version (English) with Spanish subtitles.

Where Do We Go Now?

Sunday 11 March – 5 pm
World Cinema
(France, Lebanon 2012) 110 min. Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Leyla Hakim, Nadine Labaki. Dir: Nadine Labaki. In an isolated Lebanese village, the mosque and the church stand side by side–but religious tension threatens to boil over, particularly as a series of pranks escalates into ever-increasing hostility. The women of the village, both Christian and Muslim, concoct improbable schemes to defuse the tension, including hiring a troupe of Ukrainian belly dancers. The movie juggles the broad comedy of the mayor’s wife pretending to channel the Virgin Mary and the grief of a mother losing her son to a random bullet. In a particularly poetic moment, the belly dancers take a tour around the town and discover that the cemetery is segregated into Christian and Muslim plots; even in death, the town is divided. Where Do We Go Now? was a huge success in the Middle East and now is reaching a broader world audience, with a message of vivid emotional compassion.
Original Version (Arabic) with English subtitles.


Sunday 17 March – 5 pm
Deutsch Cinema
(Germany 2012) 100 min. Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Rainer Bock, Christina Hecke. Dir: Christian Petzold. Summer, 1980. Barbara, a doctor, has applied for an exit visa from the GDR (East Germany). Now, as punishment, she has been transferred from Berlin to a small hospital out in the country, far from everything. Jörg, her lover from the West, is already planning her escape. Barbara waits, keeping to herself. The new apartment, the neighbours, summertime, the countryside – none of that means anything to her. Working as a paediatric surgeon under her new boss Andre, she is attentive when it comes to the patients, but quite distanced toward her colleagues. Her future, she feels, will begin later. But Andre confuses her. His confidence in her professional abilities, his caring attitude, his smile. Why does he cover for her when she helps the young runaway Sarah? Does he have an assignment to keep track of her? Is he in love? But as the day of her planned escape quickly approaches, Barbara starts to lose control. Over herself, her plans, over love. A favourite at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Original Version (German) with English subtitles.

The Big Uneasy

Sunday 24 March – 5 pm
(USA 2010) 98 min. John Goodman. Dir: Harry Shearer. The first documentary by New Orleans resident and longtime “mockumentarian” Harry Shearer, The Big Uneasy follows three remarkable people – the leaders of two scientific investigation teams, and one whistle-blower – as they reveal the true story of why the city flooded, why it could happen again, and why other U.S. cities are at risk. It’s the “news” the mainstream news media missed; an inside look at a disaster that could have been prevented from the people who were there. Critics have called it “A gripping, persuasive film. Essential Viewing” (The Los Angeles Times), “Poignant…indispensable” (The New York Times) and “A scathing indictment…an airtight case.”
Original Version (English) with Spanish subtitles.

The Impossible

Wednesday 6 March – 7 pm
2012 Academy Award Nominee – Best Actress
(Spain 2012) 114 min.Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor. Dir: Juan Antonio Bayona. This epic film recounts one family’s struggle to survive the massive tsunami coming out of the Indian Ocean in 2004, striking the luxurious beach front resorts of Thailand and into the inland areas. A Spanish production under the direction of Bayona with a script from Sergio G. Sanchez, the real-life Spanish family is replaced by one from Britain. Speaking of the wave. This is one of the most dramatic and authentic disaster scenes filmed. The thunderous wave hitting the resort is a marvelous example of what film-makers can do, but the underwater shots of Lucas and his mother being tossed about along with bicycles, cars and furniture is indeed frightening and realistic. Wonderful performances all around – the film is uplifting and enormously spellbinding.
Original Version (English) with Spanish subtitles.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Wednesday 13 March – 7 pm
Four 2012 Academy Award Nominations
(USA 2012) 94 min. Quvenzhané Wallis, Dwight Henry, Lowell Landes. Dir: Benh Zeitlin. The devastated landscape of the Louisiana bayou becomes a primordial world in the eyes of 6-year-old Hushpuppy (fierce and magnetic Quvenzhané Wallis). Hushpuppy’s father Wink, emotionally unstable and increasingly ill, fights to maintain their ramshackle home, along with the rest of the precarious community of the area known as the Bathtub–but a Katrina-esque storm leaves the Bathtub flooded, driving Wink to desperate lengths. Faced with the loss of everything she knows, Hushpuppy decides her only hope is to find her mother, but her only clue is a winking light in the distance. Beasts of the Southern Wild tells its story entirely from the 6-year-old girl’s perspective; the actions and emotions of adults take on a mythic scope, as does the damaged environment in which she lives. The movie is dense and rich, often as obscure and murky as the overgrown bayou itself, sometimes off-putting and enticing at the same time. Wallis, her performance brimming with feral energy and a wounded soul, carries the movie with more star power than most adults could muster. The dialogue is thick with intriguing metaphors and the images resist being easily interpreted into a conventional plot, but the story gradually emerges, rising to a potent end. Viewers who take the time to sink into its mysteries will be rewarded.
Original Version (English) with Spanish subtitles.

Anna Karenina

Tuesday 19 March – 7 pm
Four 2012 Academy Award Nominations
(UK 2012) 130 min. Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Dir: Joe Wright. Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley, Academy Award nominee Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson dazzle in this stunning new vision of Leo Tolstoy’s epic love story. At the twilight of an empire, Anna Karenina, the beautiful high-ranking wife of one of imperial Russia’s most esteemed men, has it all. But when she meets the dashing cavalry officer Vronsky, there is a mutual spark of instant attraction that cannot be ignored. She’s immediately swept up in a passionate affair that will shock a nation and change the lives of everyone around her. From acclaimed director Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice) and Academy Award-winning writer Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) comes this visually enchanting masterpiece hailed by critics as “ecstatic” (Time), “rapturous” (MSN Movies) and “a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed!” (The Huffington Post)
Original Version (English) with Spanish subtitles.

Tonight or Never

Wednesday 27 March – 7 pm
Gloria Swanson’s Birthday
(1931) 80 min. Gloria Swanson, Melvyn Douglas, Alison Skipworth, Ferdinand Gottschalk. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. Silent screen superstar Gloria Swanson is an opera diva with a problem, she sings beautifully, but without passion. Is handsome Melvyn Douglas the answer to her dreams, or just a gigolo? Directed by Mervyn LeRoy, Swanson and newcomer Douglas are sexy and charming in this romantic comedy of misunderstandings and double entendres. “Tonight or Never” is a delightful and dazzling film from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Don’t miss this chance to see Gloria Swanson before she played Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard – “ I *am* big. It’s the *pictures* that got small.”
Original Version (English) with Spanish subtitles.

All films are shown in the Nerja Cultural Centre.

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