The Day of the Cross is said to have begun back in 1878. Traditionally the young men of Nerja and surrounding villages would sing to the marriable girls after midnight on April 30th. This tradition has now become an opportunity for the various localities of the town to get together as a community and enjoy music, food and dancing. Each area raises money for the event and secretly design brilliant floral displays in the shape of crosses which are then proudly displayed on the day of the cross. There are prizes for the best design, and some localities of the town never fail to win.

This is a fiesta of course, so you may be offered a drink and a sample of the local specialities that are prepared for this day. Most common is arropĂ­as, a delicious sweet made from molasses but you will also find sweet potatoes, tortillas and loquats (a seasonal fruit that is ‘nispero’ in Spanish).

The town hall create a cross on the Balcon de Europa and also provide entertainment in the square.

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Map Of Crosses

Maps showing the locations of all the crosses are available from the tourist information office on the Balcon de Europa and visitors are invited to take a tour around the town to see all the crosses in their splendour.

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