The Sacromonte hill in Granada, which is in front of the Alhambra, was the old Arabic quarter of the city and for centuries has been the home to a thriving gypsy community which has developed a unique style of flamenco incorporating the mix of influences present in the area.  Most of the homes on the hill are hand dug caves, many of which have been turned into ‘tablaos’ where flamenco performances are held.

The Nerja Cultural Centre on Calle Granada is giving you the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the flamenco of the caves and tablaos of Sacromonte.

Dancers José Cortés and Saray Fernández will be accompanied by José Fernández on guitar, El Cheyen on percussion and singers Agustín Fernández and Asunción Heredia.

The concert begins at 9pm and entry is €10

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