The first phase of the pedestrianisation works on El Barrio are now officially complete, with the road now paved with marble tiles, practically along its entire length. The final section up to Calle Antonio Millon will be finished off after the summer season is over. Before the improvement works started, the street had very narrow pavements, which in places were impossible to negotiate safely for anyone with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

The entire length of the street has also had new sewer, water and other services installed. The total cost of this project is around €600,000 and is part of the council’s longer term plan to renew the underground service pipes throughout the town.

The project was due to start in the Autumn of 2011, to be finished within four months. The work eventually started at the beginning of December and finished at the start of May (five months), although they have in fact completed more work than was originally planned in this first phase.

El Barrio During The Roadworks

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