Yesterday’s General Strike in Spain was hardly felt in Nerja, as practically all businesses and the council were open as normal. Although the post office was closed and bus services were reduced to a minimum, most bars, shops and restaurants were open, as was the museum, Nerja Caves, hotels and the supermarkets.

There was no post delivered in the day, but private delivery services such as UPS were operating despite disruption at the airports, where some flights were cancelled. All the rubbish collection in the night went ahead as normal and the work rebuilding El Chucho beach also continued.

Elsewhere in Spain there were large demonstrations in Madrid organised by the unions and opposition parties. In Barcelona the protests turned violent as a small minority of the demonstrators set fire to rubbish bins and smashed shop windows, including McDonalds. Out of the estimated 800,000 people who attended the demonstrations throughout Spain, there were 176 arrests.

The government claims that this general strike had less impact than the one held in 2010 and point to the electricity consumption as an indicator, with a 16.3% fall in usage compared to 16.9% in the last strike, although the unions claim that the government deliberately left the street lights on in many cities to distort the true figures.

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