At around 10pm last night (Wednesday) an inflatable boat with 48 people on board was spotted by the Spanish coast guard, in waters 7 miles off Castell de Ferro, in Granada province (approximately 36 miles west of Nerja). Due to the stormy conditions, the inflatable was making difficult progress and the coast guard sent a rescue boat to give assistance, which arrived on the scene at approximately midnight. They found 48 immigrants of North African origin on board the inflatable, including 40 children and a woman.

The immigrants were taken on board the rescue boat “Salvamar Hamal” to the port of Motril, where they arrived just after 3.30am. All of the people rescued are reported to be in good health except for one, with a hand injury, who had to be taken to hospital Santa Ana in Motril for stitches.

The 48 immigrants are being housed in a temporary shelter in Motril port, some will be returned to their countries of origin, although the children will be taken into care by the local authorities.

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