The Spanish Customs Service seized almost a tonne of cannabis in the early hours of Saturday off the Malaga coast. The drugs were being transported in a sports boat heading towards the town of Velez-Malaga (further down the coast from Nerja). The two crew on board were also arrested.

The operation, named ‘Orion’, began at 11.30pm, when a Spanish Customs patrol spotted the 7 metre long sports boat travelling at high speed towards the coast. Customs agents continued to monitor the boat until 6am when it was approached and boarded by the Customs patrol.

The initial visual inspection did not find anything unusual, but further investigation led to the discovery of two secret compartments in the vessel, fore and aft, in which various packages were hidden and covered with burlap raffia, commonly used in the transportation of cannabis.

Upon discovering the drugs, the agents arrested the two crew members, a Moroccan national, and the boats owner, a Spanish national from Malaga.

Spanish Customs have said that this seizure and arrests are part of a ongoing operation targeting drug smugglers who operate on this part of the coast.

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